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A Little Bit About Muscovies

Females lay around 8 to 10 eggs in a couple of clutches. The standard incubation period is up to 35 days. Young ducklings stay with their mother for around 60 to 70 days. Generally they have 2 sometimes 3 clutches per season can produce from 24 to 30 eggs in total.

They’re very silent compared to other ducks – most muscovy ducks can produce only a small range of vocalizations like trills and hisses. Their main mode of communication is through tail wagging, wing flapping, and head movements. They use this to communicate with both other ducks and their owners.

Muscovies are not great swimmers as they do not have waterproof feathers like those of other duck species. They have special oil glands on their face, which they use while preening to create a waterproof oil sheen on their feathers before swimming. They are capable of short bouts of flight and generally roost high-up trees in large groups.

The muscovy breed is one of the easiest ducks to identify due to their large size and the caruncles on their face. They can have a mix of different colored feathers with defined red or black caruncles around their beak and eye region. Males possess thicker caruncles than females – and some females might not have these at all. All baby ducks usually have white patches on their cheeks, which harden into caruncles later.

~ Meet Our Flock ~

We have 4 muscovies on our ranch, two hens and two drakes. They typically hatch a few ducklings for us each year. Stay tuned to see how many they will hatch this year!

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