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Hi! Welcome to Reigns Ranch! We are a family of three and we just bought a new farm on 161 acres in Kanabec County.

We started our adventure in 2020 when we were given the opportunity to buy in the country. Here is where we started our dream, and we raised 2 highlander cows Marlow and Matilda, we hadn’t even closed on our house yet! Then we added two fainter goats and the rest was history!  

We now have a herd of Registered Charolais, Registered Micro Mini silkie fainters, Registered myotonic Fainters, Boers, Dual Registered Baby doll sheep, and our horses (used for pleasure and a few are bred).


We carefully hand pick every single animal that steps on this farm based on some important features like personalities, structure, and resilience. Our number one concern is safety for our 4 yr old daughter who loves helping with doing chores and taking care of most of the animals with me. We also choose to breed for excellence in all aspects of life with all our animals. You can be assured that at Reigns Ranch when you buy our animals you are buying  good quality, tame, and well cared for animals. They will be 100% up to date on all vaccines/dewormer and other basic cares like hoof trimming.


Most importantly when buying from Reigns Ranch you are getting a lifetime of knowledge and help! From the time you first reach out to the time the animal goes home with you! We are here to help with any and all questions you may have or issues that come up along the way. We are always available to be contacted and we are happy to help! We’d love for you to join our family at Reigns Ranch and take part in our journey.


For more information please reach out by following us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

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